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Freedom From Addiction/Share Your Mission/Truth Just Below the Surface

This show is all about the disease of addiction in it's diverse behavioral forms and how to cure it. Using the treatment plan in "Freedom From Addiction," a 100% success rate can be accomplished if 3 simple conditions are met. The plan can be accomplished at home without taking time off from work.

Feb 21, 2019

Dr. Williams also discusses this in his e-book: "healthcare warriors." Depending on who you talk to there may be over 200,000 needless hospital deaths each year. Compare that with 72,000 opioid deaths last year needless hospital deaths may be the third leading cause of death in the country behind cancer and heart disease. Dr. Williams based's a case for fixing this problem

Unfortunately, we had a technical error during taping as the battery power ran out in the last minute of the program. However, the only thing missing from the interview was Dr. Williams' contact information and here it is. His email is His website is