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Freedom From Addiction/Share Your Mission/Truth Just Below the Surface

This show is all about the disease of addiction in it's diverse behavioral forms and how to cure it. Using the treatment plan in "Freedom From Addiction," a 100% success rate can be accomplished if 3 simple conditions are met. The plan can be accomplished at home without taking time off from work.

Mar 21, 2023

In this podcast, the commentary was supplied by Tom Armstrong of Mission Possible World Health International. Dr. Anna Maria Mihalcea exposes Dr. Ryan Cole's mis-information in which he said that there is no Graphene in Covid-19 injections and that this is not a technology. Go to (Episode #253) for...

Feb 25, 2023

DIED SUDDENLY (Vaccinated) - This Shocking Motion Picture Needs to Be SHARED with Every Living Soul Wednesday, February 22, 2023 

If this motion picture "DIED SUDDENLY" does not wake up everybody on the planet, then they're surely Brain Dead.

This is not for the Faint of Heart or someone Squeamish but it's all our duty...

Feb 17, 2023

Tom Armstrong, an investigative medical researcher for mission possible world health international gives his opinion on the CDC supporting the addition of Sars co-V2 to the approved list of vaccines for childhood immunizations.

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Feb 16, 2023

Tom Armstrong, an investigative medical researcher for Mission Possible World Health International presents a 16-minute interview video of Todd Callender concerning a VAXX injured member of the Thai Royal family.

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Feb 14, 2023

Suzanne Falter's autobiographical book, "Free-Spirited," describes how her daughter died unexpectedly at age 22 and how her daughter's afterlife experience helped her heal from various addictions. This is a truly uplifting story that has the power to heal us all in the toughest of times. Please share this podcast with...