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Freedom From Addiction/Share Your Mission/Truth Just Below the Surface

This show is all about the disease of addiction in it's diverse behavioral forms and how to cure it. Using the treatment plan in "Freedom From Addiction," a 100% success rate can be accomplished if 3 simple conditions are met. The plan can be accomplished at home without taking time off from work.

Jul 3, 2018

In this short segment, In this short segment, nationally known talk show host, Neil Haley interviews me in a short segment on "Catfishing". If you or someone you know has used an internet site or Facebook to try to find a romantic partner you could stand a better than even chance of being scammed or conned out of your money or assets. I am in the final stage of writing a new book to tell you all about it. Here is a preview. If you would like a free e-book copy as this book is being written, just send me your name and email address. Send it to" .