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Freedom From Addiction/Share Your Mission/Truth Just Below the Surface

This show is all about the disease of addiction in it's diverse behavioral forms and how to cure it. Using the treatment plan in "Freedom From Addiction," a 100% success rate can be accomplished if 3 simple conditions are met. The plan can be accomplished at home without taking time off from work.

Jun 24, 2020

My guest today, Dr. Donna Marks discusses her book, "Exit the Maze." Donna's book is the best book that I have read on the illness of addiction and its successful treatment in the last 40 years. (With the possible exception of Freedom From Addiction 3 which I wrote). We discussed so many important things in this hour's...

Jun 24, 2020

In this current podcast, I interview Dr. David Hanscom's who is been on this podcast twice previously. Today's show is about a viable solution for the opioid epidemic and how to treat chronic pain with an effective non-surgical approach. Go back and listen to programs number 926 and 933 to get the background and...

Jun 20, 2020

This podcast follows up on a previous podcast that was trashed by the Internet. Go back and look at it now/ it is SYM #931 (May 15, 2002)

I continue this discussion and we talk about some important spiritual concepts such as love and meaning.. We talk about the basic underlying cause of addictions being low...

Jun 18, 2020

My guest today, John Smith, tells his story about how he was convicted of fraud in the S&L scandals back in the 80s even though he had done absolutely nothing wrong. We talk about various aspects of the case. His book is a very good read and tells about the criminal justice system and some of the things that they do...

Jun 18, 2020

This educational podcast will describe the characteristics, times, and dates of the various pandemics that have hit the world over the course of recordable history.